Your Truth(full) Life Quiz

I’m Kathe. Best selling author, Integrative coach, and inspiring speaker. 

Helping you tap into your Truth is my sacred superpower.

I’m your guide in getting to the other side, where the life you really want lives. The one that wakes you up at 3am with nudges of ‘what about this’ and ‘oh, I’d love to do that…’

I’ll help you find the self you’ve abandoned—and light her fire. I’ll help you speak the truth—even if your voice shakes.

My wisdom is hard-won and real-life.

I’ve done laps around life’s longest block. I’ve seen the darkness of mental illness, the damage of addiction and the pain of grief.

Yet I still managed to build a successful career working with global luxury brands, while struggling and overwhelmed by caring for two children and my terminally sick husband. Keeping his controversial illness a secret for years was terrifying. I wanted to live differently—but couldn’t see a way out.

Until I admitted the truth. And that’s when it got eye-opening, heart-opening and very, very real!

I tried years of therapy, but was frozen in the loop of my own story. Reaching a crossroads in my life, I realized I had two choices, I could stay stuck—or change the course I was on. So I began by looking inside for the answers. I got deep and personal with me, the woman I left behind before life got really crazy, found out how divinely wonderful she is—and what she wanted.

I met my demons and melted my suit of armor. I loved myself into changing—and it changed everything. And it took every ounce of courage and self-compassion I could muster.

Today, what I know for sure is that you can do it too.

Join me as I share my journey from hiding in the shadows of my secrets to embracing the light of absolute authenticity, learning that self- love is the most important love story of all.