Your Truth(full) Life Quiz

Imagine knowing exactly what you want to do with your life, how to get there and where to begin.Imagine transforming your thoughts, habits, and circumstances to create lasting change and a deeper connection to what your heart longs for.

Ready to get clear on what you want, discover why you don’t have it and create a plan to get you there?

Working together, you’ll get the tools and support you need to drop the old patterns and beliefs holding you back, and get clear on what you want, why you don’t have it, and a crystal-clear action plan to get you there, whether it’s a new business opportunity, relationship or lifestyle you’re after.

You’ll discover what it is you really want and how to create a nourishing life where you’re honoring the natural rhythm and flow of your soul’s journey, while balancing the needs of work, family and everything else.

How it worksOver a series of conversations, we’ll hone in on what you desire most deeply, and what’s driving it. Together we’ll explore what’s been working for you in getting closer to your goal, and what’s keeping you stuck. Perhaps you’ve been in the same dead-end relationship or job for years, too scared to speak up or leave. Or you feel overwhelmed by work deadlines or family demands—tired of looking after everyone but your own exhausted self. Maybe there’s a secret you’re hiding or you feel like you’re living in two different worlds.

You’ve definitely been behaving in ways that aren’t working. Shadow Coaching 1:1, you’ll get the strategies and perspective to make smart decisions and create change. The energizing, fulfilling, lasting kind you’ve been craving.

What to expect from our work together:

  • A safe and supported space, where you’re always seen and held at your highest.
  • A structured action plan to keep you on-track.
  • An understanding of the story you’ve been telling yourself about why things are the way they are—and how to drop it so you can start to change.
  • The ability to make choices that move you closer to your goals (not away from them).
  • Success in honoring and loving the real you, as you discover the gift you are.

Meet your fears head-on, release them and create a real course of action that electrifies you with excitement.

Because isn’t a luscious, real life the kind you deserve?

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“Kathe has an incredible ability to help people find their highest truth by seeking out each person’s true goals and highlighting their gifts…She offers each person she works with the opportunity to seek their highest good, become more prosperous and bring more joy into the world. Kathe has learned by saying ‘yes’ to life and allowing her story and yours, no matter how challenging it is, to be the reason you shine your brightest.”

Sheryl Edsall
Master Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher, Studio Owner at Naturally Yoga

“Kathe uses wisdom and intuition to deliver practical yet powerful advice to move you thorough difficult situations. She has helped me navigate some of life’s toughest moments with her profound, no-nonsense and deeply loving, compassionate approach. I highly recommend Kathe to anyone who is experiencing pain or suffering and knows they are meant for more in this life.”

– Danielle Franco
Client & Yoga Teacher

Her engagement with the practice of Yoga is sincere and deep, and her understanding of life’s challenges—and how to traverse them—has come through hard-won experience. She is a GEM! A magnificent Being! If she touches your life, she will touch your heart…and you will be enriched and blessed.

– Ramananda
John E. Welshons
Spiritual Teacher, Author of: One Soul, One Love, One Heart and Awakening