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Kathe Crawford
Choosing to Share a Secret

Kathe Crawford, the author of Unlocking Secrets: My Journey to an Open Heart, chose to share a secret she'd kept for 30 years.

How Unlocking Secrets Will Set You Free with Kathe Crawford

They say the truth can set you free, and nobody knows that better than today’s guest. She carried a secret shrouded in shame for over 30 years, but when she learned to speak her truth, she got her life back. Her name is Kathe Crawford, and this is The YES Effect Show!

Beth Kempton: Kathe Crawford on Revealing Your Secrets

Listen in to hear the remarkable journey of a woman who set herself free by following her truth, and the difficult but necessary journey that followed as she revealed her secret. It will inspire you to release any secrets that have been weighing you down, and embrace the most authentic version of yourself.

Blog Talk Radio: New York Hay House Author - Kathe Crawford

Kathe exposes to her readers how she lived through her deepest fears, her survival and ultimately how it led to inner peace and happiness from a time when it felt unspeakably grim. This book reads like a beautiful love story yet contains all the components of how life leads us on many paths we dont understand- until we do.

Hay House Radio: Unlocking Secrets with Kathe Crawford

Join Nancy Levin and her guest Kathe Crawford, Hay House author of the brand new memoir Unlocking Secrets in which she shares her spiritual journey from hiding in the shadows of her secrets to embracing the light of absolute authenticity, learning that self-love is perhaps the most important love story of all.