Tales from India

I was on a spiritual high as I said goodbye to my dear friends in India.
Feeling grateful and blessed for 3 magical weeks of teachings, temples, prayers and devotion.
Hugging, promising to be back soon, I heard something hit the floor.
I looked down and saw half of my Cartier Love bracelet on the ground.
I was stunned to see the bracelet that I had worn for so many years, broken at my feet.
My heart skipped a beat not because of the price tag, because it was my talisman.
Stunned, how could a bracelet held together by screws just fall from my wrist.
Immediately, I paniced, thinking this was not a good sign.

I bought the iconic bracelet ‘the symbol of love’ while I was working at Cartier.
I was considered fortunate because very few were allowed to buy due to the high demand.
I chuckled to myself, deliberating if I should pass. There was no special someone, partner or lover.
I wanted a love story to go with my Love bracelet.
So, I thought of the fairy tales I read while I was growing up.
Those magical tales, filled with romance and forevers.
I imagined my consort gifting the bracelet as a symbol of his love, tenderly turning the golden screws, sealing our love for all of eternity.
I was already widowed and divorced, convinced that love was not in my future.
Certain I was burning off some bad karma from a past life.
But the truth was, I still hoped that someone held the key to unlocking my heart.
After all, isn’t that the way fairy tales end.

But I knew better and wasn’t buying into the story.
I had left behind the pages of the past and was moving forward.
I decided to stop waiting for love to find me, and began to connect with the love inside of me.
Without hesitation, I bought the bracelet as a gift to myself.
Turning the screws, I made a promise to wear the bracelet as a reminder to love myself.
Knowing you can’t give or receive love until you accept yourself and all of your beautiful, perfect imperfections.

As I picked the bracelet up from the floor, I understood why it fell from my wrist.
I no longer needed a bracelet to remind myself that all the love I need, is right inside of me.


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