In her debut memoir, Kathe Crawford shares her brave spiritual journey from hiding to absolute authenticity, learning that self-love is perhaps the most important love story of all.

For so many years, survival had meant hiding the one thing that she thought would harm herself and her family the most.

The only way to heal would be to open her heart to herself first and then find the courage to allow others to see her as she is, secrets and all.

“I’m glad you’re here. Inside this book, you’ll discover the destruction that secret-keeping can do and the liberation possible when we reveal our truth. While the content of Kathe’s story differs from mine, and likely from yours, she weaves us into her world by sharing her devastation and her triumph—and we find ourselves within each thread.”

– Nancy Levin (an excerpt from Unlocking Secrets foreword)

is an author, Integrative coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. In her work as a coach and facilitator, Kathe shares her own story, as she empowers women to become the change maker of their own life. Following a successful 20 year sales career in the luxury industry she is the founder of Your Truth(full) Life, a community of women supporting each other to discover and follow their own courageous voice.

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